More than thirty years ago, when we became interested in bees, a simple fact astonished us: on a single trip every bee brings to the hive only 20 mg of honey, a tiny droplet.

And at the end of the season a surprise awaits the beekeeper – just the honey from each hive comes out to 20 to 100 kg, and with this – pollen, parchment, propolis, wax ... To paraphrase the words of the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong, we can say, "a small droplet for a bee but a gigantic strategic reserve of useful products for all mankind".

Why do we believe that bee products are strategically important and priceless?

First of all: they are a natural food optimally suited to the human body. Secondly, every individual bee product – honey, pollen, parchment, beeswax, propolis, royal jelly and chitosan are multifunctional, while nourishing humans, reliably protecting against disease and prolonging life. And thirdly, it is a pleasure to eat them, very tasty and delicious! These products fully meet all basic human needs!

Today in the history of the world beekeeping is turning to a new page, and we can be proud of it being associated with the name of our company! We believe that with the launch of the new Tentorium-Ruland plant, it will change the very notion in the world of what should be modern, safe, tasty and healthy foods. Our products are created with love, based on traditional recipes, with more care, using the latest technology to meet the highest international quality standards.

We strive to ensure that the full range of Tentorium® production becomes available to people in all countries of the world. The company's products today bring joy, health and happiness to the people of Russia, Germany, Mongolia and other countries near and far. The centuries have verified that bees and bee products are highly valued equally in all countries of the world, the basis of traditional national dishes. I believe that it won’t be long before Tentorium® products appear in every home, on every table!

The world is really amazingly furnished – small droplet of nectar, brought to the beehive, helping people become healthier and happier! The point is that bees and Tentorium® have one goal – to make people's lives better!

President and founder of Tentorium

Rail Chismatullin.