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Propolis capsules/Dragee

Propolis Capsules

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The nutritional dragee is an exclusive product by Tentorium, in which the contained nutrients are perfectly maintained and uniformly distributed. The nutritional dragee is a multi-layer product containing natural honey, propolis, pollen, perga, sugar and a certain specially selected mixture of herbs.

The basis of almost all nutritional dragees with bee product components is formed by the healing and rejuvenating properties of bee pollen enriched with healing extracts. In nature, to preserve all the beneficial properties of bee pollen, bee pollen is sealed into wax cells and "preserved" by honey and enzymes, transforming it into a rare perga. Tentorium utilized the experience with the preservation of bee products that bees have acquired over millions of years – the nutritional dragees are coated in microspheric coating made of natural beeswax, which together with sugar enables to preserve the useful properties of their ingredients, including active substances of floral pollen.

The sugar-wax coating, which is applied during dragee making, reliably protects pollen, which makes the product affordable and safe. Beeswax has traditionally been used for technological processing and allows the product to be stored for long periods without changing its basic characteristics.