Bee pollen tablets with bee bread and vitamin C

tablets with bee bread and vitamin C
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Food supplement. 20 chewable pastilles. Net weight 30g


Ingredients: pollen collected by bees, bee bread, vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid).

Description: Perga as fermented pollen bears all of the possitive properties of pollen and, in addition, it gives the body almost all of the necessary enzymes. Both of the basic components have a positive impact on digestion and growth of beneficial intestinal microflora. It has been proved that bee bread helps lessen the level of sugar in blood, which is why the product is very suitable for diabetics too.  


Purpose: To supplement a diet with vitamins A and C. Vitamin A helps to maintain normal mucous membranes, skin condition. Vitamin C helps maintain a normal immune system, protects cells from oxidative damage, improves the absorption of iron. Recommended for use in the cold season, when the body gets less vitamins from food.

Potential customers: All people who want to strenghten and maintain their immune system. 

Suitable for people suffering from diabetes. 


Usage: for adults 2- 4 tablets, and for children from 3 years 1-2 tablets per day. In case of low stomach acid, consume 15 minutes before a meal, and for high stomach acid consume 15 minutes after a meal.


Can be used all year round, having a 7-days break every month.


The recommended daily intake 4 tablets (6 g) contains 1680 µg RE of vitamin A (β-carotene) (210% NRV*), 80 mg Vitamin C (100% NRV*).


*NRV – nutrient reference values.