HONEY + propolis 250 G

mixed honey with propolis 1%
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Mixed honey with 1% of propolis

Ingredients: natural honey, propolis

Description: Thank to a broad spectrum of propolis properties (antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiinflammatory,antitumoral and antioxidant; it is also a natural antibiotics which does not harm liver or kidneys), this composition hasa wide range of applications too. The preparation helps to correct stomach and duodenum ulcer disease, chroniccolic. It helps to ease constipation, betters the hemorrhoids but also colds and oncological diseases. Works well for relieving from inflammatory diseases of female sexual organs, prostatitis, dermatosis or trophic ulcer.

Potential users:

All people who need to supplement their diet with a vitamin complex, but also those who intensively care about their health, beauty and longevity.

People suffering from flatulence, digestive problems, stomach ulcers or hemorrhoids.

Oncological patients.

People suffering from eczema.

Usage: Adults are recommended to consume 1 teaspoon daily. Keep under your tongue under it dissolves. It is recommended to consume in the first half of the day.