Natural multivitamin complex enriched with vitamin C
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Natural multivitamin complex enriched with vitamin C

Ingredients: bee pollen, natural vitamin C (plant extract)

Description: „Pollenvit“ is a product of technological processing of bee pollen which greatly enhances its properties and is enriched by a missing component – vitamin C. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant. Since it does not hoard in the body it is necessary to complement it continuously. Human body needs it for the development of connective tissue, the normal course of healing and regeneration processes. It promotes the formation of blood, provides stress resistance and normalizes immune status of the organism.

„Pollenvit“ is a universal reinforcing agent. It plays irreplaceable role in asthenic conditions and anemia, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries. It increases mental and physical performance and helps to prolong life.

Potential users:

It is recommended to all groups of population as a preventive and invigorating agent.

All those who want to boost their immunity.


Children from 1 to 2 years of age take ¼ of a tablet crushed into powder; from 2 to 7 ½ of a tablet; from 7 years on 1 tablet – dissolve in the mouth before meal in the first half of a day. The tablet can be chewed or mumbled and washed down with water.

The cure, repeated once a season, lasts one month.


If you do not have any experience with bee products and are afraid (or even scared) of an allergic reaction, here is a simple tolerance test: 

BEE POLLEN, BEE BREAD: Chew a small amount of a product and let it dissolve in your mouth. If you do not notice any unfavourable reaction within the following 24 hours, it is most likely that you do not have allergy to these products.

However, keep in mind, that it is recommended to begin with consumption of any bee product in a very small amount and increase the dosage steadily.