Mixed honey with 1% of silajit

Ingredients: 99% natural honey, 1% silajit
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Mixed honey with 1% of silajit

Ingredients: 99% natural honey, 1% silajit

Description: Silajit is a natural mixture of organic and mineral origin which is created in rock crevices in a form of black and brown resin. It contains approximately 30 macro and micro elements, 10 kinds of metal oxids, 6 amino acids, vitamins, essential oils, resin substances. Combined with honey, silajit supports locomotor system, stimulates metabolism, immune system and regenerative processes.

Potential users:

Adults and children with calcium metabolism disorder

Elderly people

Usage: Slowly dissolve one tsp of preparation 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meal. The cure usually lasts 3 weeks.