Mixed honey with 1,4% of Royal Jelly

Ingredients: natural honey, Royal jelly
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Mixed honey with 1,4% of Royal Jelly  

Ingredients: natural honey, Royal jelly

Description: Royal jelly keeps its physiological properties much longer in honey. That is why is this combination a perfect tool to use against the cells ageing. The flavor composition of the sweetest and the most acidic bee product is very attractive. We warmly recommend it!

Among direct effects of this strong strengthening and immunostimulating preparation, there is stimulation of lactation, normalisation of blood count, activating of organism defense mechanism when undergoing mental and physical strain. The sight, hearing and memory are bettered. It has proved beneficial for prevention against atherosclerosis and stenocardia and in a convalescence period after heart attack and stroke. It has also proved beneficial for menopause and impotency.

Potential users:

All people who need to supplement their diet with a vitamin complex, but also those who intensively care about their health, beauty and longevity.

People with a predisposition to atherosclerosis and those who have overcome a myocardial infarction or stroke.

Women during lactation or menopause, men with potency problems.

Usage: Adults are recommended to consume 1 teaspoon daily. Keep under your tongue under it dissolves. It is recommended to consume in the first half of the day.