Honey+ Lecithin (300g)

Lecithin in honey
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Ingredients: natural honey, lecithin 

Lecithin is very important for the human body; it is a valuable building material for the cells of the heart, brain, nervous system. Lecithin keeps cholesterol in a dissolved state, preventing it from being deposited on the walls of the blood vessels, increasing the levels of hemoglobin, stimulating the secretion of bile, improving bile composition, restoring the structure of the liver, and normalizing the metabolism of fats. In humans, lecithin is synthesized in small amounts and it is therefore necessary to enrich our food products with lecithin.

Potential customers:

  • Men and women whose activities are associated with increased emotional and physical stress.
  • Men and women with an interest in strengthening and normalizing the cardiovascular system.
  • Adults and children whose nutrition must be supplemented by the intake of complex vitamins.