Balsam for body regeneration and healthy cardiovascular system

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Balsam for body regeneration and healthy cardiovascular system

Ingredients: Tincture of haw (Crataegus laevigata), bee pollen, powder of dried dead bees bodies – chitosan, royal jelly, drone milk – larinol, extract of wax moth larvae (Galleria mellonela).

Description: The haw, which is one of this product components, contains flavonoids, organic acids (including ascorbic), carotene, pectins, fructose, saponin. It is beneficial for aterosclerosis, hypertension, heart arrhythmia, heart weakness; it enhances blood circulation in vessels and in the brain, it reduces irritation of central nervous system, removes mental and physical strain.

Extract of wax moth larvae helps to absorb scar tissues in any organ of the human body. These could be scars on the heart muscle after a heart attack, changes it brain vessels after a stroke or a concussion, changes in a lung tissue after pneumonia or pleurisy and keloid scars. Extract of wax moth also helps with thrombophlebitis healing and with blockage of blood vessels. It reduces swelling of the vessels and their blueing; the overall condition is improving.

Chitosan, a substance found in dried bodies of dead bees, provides beneficial effects in a variety of pathological processes. It improves microcirculation in a tissue, suppresses the inflammatory process, normalises the pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and has positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It has cardiotropic and cardioprotective properties.

Preparation has antioxidant and strenghtening effects, it improves microcirculation, lessens the risk of trombi creation. It has the property to stabilise the pressure, inflammatory processes, renew disturbed microcirculation and blood clotting pathology. It also increases immunity and helps with autoimmune diseases healing. It provides a salutary effect on the entire human body. Ideal for everyone above 45!

Potential users:

People suffering from cardiovascular diseases of whichever type.

All those who have fought a heart attack, stroke or concussion or have problems with blood vessels blockage and vessels swellings.

People after pneumonia.

All those who are afflicted with their keloid scars.

Usage: Adults are recommended to take 1 tsp of balm dissolved in 30 ml of cooled boiling water 20 minutes before meal twice a day.

The cure lasts one month. Can be repeated after 4 weeks.