Vitamin balsam for reinforcing and regeneration
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Vitamin balsam for reinforcing and regeneration

Ingredients: tincture of purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), chitosan, royal jelly, drone milk – apilarnil, bee pollen, concentrated extract of propolis.

Description: Chitinous layer of bees contains glucosamine and polysaccharides, valuable substances for human body. Among them, there are heparin and heparin compounds, hyaluronic acid. The bee body contains also enzym lysozin which has antibacterial properties and cleaves chitin into glucosamine. Glucosamin from the bee body is a final material for building of body connective tissue.

This preparation has antioxidant and antibiotical properties. It enhances reinforcing and maintains immunity. It improves performance. Echinacin in echinacea affects bacterias, funghi and viruses the same way as penicilin does. The product strengthens and recovers the damaged vessel walls and connective tissue (glucosamine from the bee body is involved in cell membranes building), thins the blood and stabilizes blood pressure. It has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and supports the strengthening of the kidney. It strengthens tissue breathing and enhances fat burning. It improves nutrients and oxygen supply of the muscles and joint cartilage tissue. It calms inflammatory processes.

It has been proved that Apifyto+echinacea eases sexual disorders (it lessens the erectile dysfunction). It also regulates prostate gland functioning: reduces inflammation, normalises functions, reduces the frequency of urinary urgency (especially at night), prevents the development of hyperplasia and adenoma. Apart from that, preparation is highly effective tool for treating disorders of male menopause.

Potential users:

All peole who want to reinforce their immune system.

People with cardio-vascular diseases.

People with rheumatics and arthritis.

Men of mature age.

All who have decided to fight their weight.


Adults are recommended to drink up 1 tsp of balsam dissolved in 30 ml of cooled boiled water 20 minutes before meal twice a day.

Shake before use.

The cure lasts one month. Then it is recommended to have one month break.