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Miraculous preparation prolonging youth and promoting activity

Ingredients: root of sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.), drone milk – apilarnil, royal jelly, laktose


Description: Preparation „Apikomplex + Larinol“ increases the content of main antioxidant enzyme – ceruloplasmin – which disposes of the products of free radicals oxidation by 3 to 4 times. The overall reinforcing effect was also reported. It improves the regulation of the central nervous and endocrine system and normalizes hormonal balance. It provides a regulatory effect on the tone of the vascular system, which helps to stabilize arterial pressure. It hinders the development of atherosclerosis. It is recommended as a means of immunity increasing, for hypovitaminosis, for activation of oxidation-reduction reactions and for rejuvenation.

Apikomplex + Larinol normalises all systems in the organism during the period of climax and PMS (aches are lessening, mental condition is improving). It helps to increase sexual potency. It supports the formation of sperm in men and restores function of the prostate gland (morphological demages of sperm are vanishing, the level of sexual hormones, the quantity of sperm and its mobility is increasing). It is very effective for treatment of men's and women's sterility. Clinical research of this preparation has proven that after 3 weeks of its usage the probability of fertilization has increased from 11 to 45%.

Preparation „Apikomplex + Larinol“ has been a subject of clinical research at the Department of Urology at the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine under the leadership of L. I. Dobrovolska. There have been 30 infertile men with chlamydial infection included in the research. The results show that the preparation usage leads to improvement of fertilising ability of semen (mobility of sperm has increased to 54%, sperm vitality to 18%, the semen volume to 69%, the amount of sperm with normal body structure has increased to 13%). The dynamics of increase in concentration of fructose (32%) and citric acid (25%) in the semen shows correction of sexual glands androgen deficiency, improvement in the prostate gland functioning and improvement in the endocrine function of the ovaria.

Potentional users:

Everybody who wants to undergo effective detox and indulge it with a beneficial „restart“.

Women suffering from PMS.

Men who want to remediate their sperm.

All those who attempt to a successful and healthy conception.


Adults are recommend to take 1 tsp 30 minutes before meal twice a day. The preparation is recommended to mumble.

The cure lasts one month. Repeat the cure after one month.