Balsam for body regeneration and respiratory diseases relief

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Balsam for body regeneration and respiratory diseases relief

Ingredients: Tincture of Calendula officinalis, royal jelly, bee pollen, extract of wax moth (Galleria mellonela). 

Description: The preparation is an effective and complex antiinflammatory, broncholytics, mucolytic and bronchodilator resource. It is used for diseases of breathing organs, bronchial asthma, acute respiratory illnesses (in children, caugh and fever are disappearing after only a few days). It has shown good results in the complex therapy of tuberculosis treatment (it destroys Koch's bacillus), it supports healing of the tuberculous caverns in the lungs. It strenghtens the immunity. It provides regenerating effect after myocardial infarction: it renews tissue and the heart muscle is reinforced (this was proved in essay written by doctor Muchin, wel-known cardiologist and homeopath). The preparation is also recommended for women with various pregnancy pathologies (toxicosis in the first trimester, usual abortions, placental insufficiency, anemia). It has shown good results in menopause (a sleep, mental condition and employability are normalised, the normal structure of cells is renewed).

Balm „Apifyto + Calendula“ has been a subject of a clinical research at the Allergy department of Kyev city children hospital under the leadership of professor Makuch N.T.. Twenty children with a diagnosis bronchial asthma and obstructive bronchitis have been observed. The results have been following: on the 14th day of preparation usage the symptoms of intoxication (headache, loss of appetite) and shortness of breath dissapeared, nasal breathing became free, night and day caugh finished. Therapeutic effect of balsam usage and favorable dynamics of clinical indicators (cell and humoral immunity) has been recorded.

Potential users:

People suffering from respiratory diseases including tuberculosis.

Those who have overcome myocardial infarction.

Women with pregnancy pathology.

Women during menopause.


Adults and children above 12 years of age take 1 teaspoon of balsam dissolved in 30 ml cooled boiled water 20 minutes before meal two times a day.

Children's dose is calculated individually. Usually, it is 3 drops of balsam for each year of life dissolved in cold boiled water in a ratio 1:8.

When recovering after a heart attack, a preparation is indicated from the 10th day on a background of a standard therapy.

The cure lasts one month. Then it is recommended to have one month break.

In special cases it is possible to extend the use of the product by three months.